Sales Engagement: Insight Matters For Sales Reps


Sales Engagement: Insight Matters For Sales Reps


We’ve reached insight, the third and final element of sales engagement, which is the third and final variable in the sales enablement formula for sales reps.


So far, we’ve broken out the first variable, sales planning, into its compositional elements – visibility, analysis and prioritization – the second variable, sales preparation, into its triage of elements – resources, collaboration and guidance – and the last variable, sales engagement, into delivery and impact.

We end with insight.

Sales engagement: delivery, impact and INSIGHT.

Sales reps must have unhindered insight into how buyers are responding to materials and information reps share. What does insight mean? It means visibility into who’s opening, viewing, downloading and sharing your content. It means real-time notifications when buyers see your messages and engage with your offers. It means knowing which materials are generating the most interest, and with whom they have the most success.

This awareness goes beyond knowing what your buyers are up to – it allows you to gauge interest levels so sales reps know who’s primed for pursuit, when to follow up and which methods work best for each buyer and situation.

  • 26% of sales reps indicate that sales forecasting precision suffers when emotional (agenda-driven) input takes the place of analytical or empirical data based on actual buyer behavior.

Your sales team needs insight, and it must be precise.

When preparing the sales strategy, insight matters.

Here’s how a Sales Enablement Platform gives your reps the insight to make the right decisions at every step of the sales process:

Engagement assessed.

  • Get real-time buyer behavior notifications – opens, views, downloads, shares and even “cold spots” where buyers lose interest – on all messages and content.
  • Show the impact your sales team is making on the buying team.

Interest gauged.

  • Gain insight into which buying teams are showing interest and which are not.
  • Use reporting and analytics to decide which opportunities need further action and which ones need it now.

Details brought to light.

  • Know exactly which documents and pages your buyers are viewing, as well as how long the content is holding their interest.
  • Define the messaging and materials that excite specific buyers, helping reps tweak their approaches to meet buyers’ needs and continue to please.

Videos demystified.

  • Understand exactly how your videos are being viewed, from how long they hold interest to how often they’re played, replayed and shared.
  • Use this awareness to help guide both content delivery and follow-up strategies.

Content uncovered.

  • Differentiate materials that are pulling their weight from the pieces that need some pep in their step.
  • View performance for single opportunities or see across your entire sales pipeline to really dive into engagement.

No matter how good your reps are, they’re fighting against the tide if they lack insight into buyers’ activity, content performance and engagement levels.

This marks the end of our sales engagement articles.

Delivery, check.

Impact, check.

Insight, check.

… And the end of our scientific sales enablement series. Feel free to go back and reread any sections you’re still unsure about, or reach out to our team about putting this systematic formula into seamless action for your sales reps.

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By Accent Technologies

17th September 2014