Visibility for Marketing ROI: See Clearly, Adjust Strategically


Visibility for Marketing ROI: See Clearly, Adjust Strategically


It takes an entire arsenal of marketing materials to delight each buyer and satisfy all selling situations. Given the amount of time, effort and resources you’re putting into marketing content, you want to make sure that your sales reps are using it, and that your content is producing a tangible return.

This is why so many leading firms agree, VISIBILITY IS THE KEY TO INCREASING MARKETING ROI.

The challenge: You can’t see.

You don’t have visibility into marketing content – what sales reps are using & how buyers are responding ­– which makes it difficult to make strategic decisions about content adjustments that maximize returns.

The solution: Learn from the leaders. Invest in visibility.

Best-in class firms are harnessing the power of sales enablement tools to gain valuable visibility into which content pieces their sales reps are using and how buyers are responding. With this insight, they’re able to make strategic decisions about content adjustments for improved marketing ROI.


Gain visibility into what content sales reps are sharing with buyers.


Understand how buyers are responding to your marketing content.


Gain insight to make strategic content-adjustment decisions that maximize your marketing return.

The conclusion: If you want to maximize ROI, you have to maximize visibility.

When we connect the dots, the concept is very straight forward.

More visibility = Better content adjustments by marketing = Increased content usage by sales = Higher marketing ROI.

In this fast-paced competitive environment, gaining visibility into your content is now more important than ever. The good news is, it’s also easier than ever to achieve.

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By Accent Technologies

17th June 2015