3 Ways to Make Your B2B Sales Follow-ups More Engaging


3 Ways to Make Your B2B Sales Follow-ups More Engaging

We get it: it’s easy to get caught up in the daily “to-do list” of B2B sales. Make the calls, send the emails, enter the CRM data. Just check the items off the list and you’re done for the day!

Except checklist sales reps don’t close deals. Today’s modern buyer wants more than someone who copy and pastes a generic email template and maybe (if they’re lucky) personalizes the introduction.

Keep in mind that you’re not the only person trying to sell your prospect something. If you want your B2B sales follow-up to be the one that gets your prospect’s attention, you need to get creative. Here are three solid strategies for upping the engagement factor.

1.      Use Private Buyer Portals

Your first thought is probably “what in the world is a private buyer portal?” It’s an upgrade from the clutter and disorganization of an email inbox. This branded and mobile-friendly microsite is essentially a centralized repository for all communication and content related to the opportunity. The buyer can open up the portal at any time and see a neat, organized list of past communications – presentations, email conversations, meeting recaps, proposals, etc.

These portals serve as a reminder to the prospect how much time and effort you’ve put into guiding them through their buyer’s journey and help to make the process more interactive.

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2.      Personalize Your Presentations

Generic content isn’t going to stand out from the crowd. When you send your prospect a presentation that has been personalized with their company’s information and a detailed explanation of the benefits of your product or solution for their unique circumstances, that is something that is going to stand out. We promise.

Now, the struggle with building personalized presentations is that it’s time-consuming and difficult, especially if you don’t have sales support staff to help you out with the branding, grammar checking, and design. For that reason, many reps stick with the standard pricing sheet or company overview presentation. Fortunately, there’s a better way: content personalization tools. These wizards turn personalization into a quick, simple process.

3.      Ditch the Paragraphs of Text

Nobody wants to stare at five big blocks of text in an email. Your prospect is busy. Instead, incorporate pictures or videos into your follow-ups. These visual cues have been proven to attract the eye and keep readers engaged far longer than a text-only email. Use simple infographics or, better yet, a quick video to relay your message.

Video also serves another purpose: to help build that relationship between you and the prospect. Instead of just another rep trying to sell them something, your prospects can put a face and a voice to the name.

One high-quality B2B sales follow-up is better than 20 generic and boring follow-ups. If you’ve found yourself in the daily “to-do list” rut, then we encourage you to try to change this one thing in your routine. Start making your follow-ups better, and you’ll start to see a difference in buyer engagement.

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By Accent Technologies

17th May 2017