The Key to Designing a Killer Sales Presentation


The Key to Designing a Killer Sales Presentation


What sets apart the presentation that’s going to close the deal from one that has buyers running away? It may seem like voodoo black magic, however, the answer is actually pretty simple.

It has got to be all about the buyer

This may seem obvious, but if you take a hard look at all the presentations going out to buyers, you may start to notice a few things. For example, how many slides are focused on your company and products and services you offer? How much of the content is truly tailored to the client’s pain? Adding the client’s logo to the cover page is not enough to make them feel like you have personalized your presentation to their needs.

Sirius Decisions offers an excellent “Buyer-Centric Sales Presentation Framework” based on their research with B2B buyers. The research itself is great...

"Did you know that sales presentations are consistently ranked as one of the most meaningful pieces of content buyers look at during the sales cycle?"

... but for anyone who is responsible for creating sales presentations, the framework is a must-read.

Below is a quick run-down of the Sirius Decisions article.


The best thing you can do is align your presentations to each phase of the buying decision process

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Take some time in the coming days to look over your current inventory of sales presentations and evaluate whether they align with the buyer’s journey. If they don’t, now is the perfect time to make changes.

Sirius Decisions breaks down the buying process into six stages:

  1. Needs Analysis
  2. Qualification
  3. Identify Solutions
  4. Demonstrate Value
  5. Propose Solution
  6. Decision

Download the full article for full descriptions of the stages and the and the most effective content messaging for each.

Check out the full framework in the SiriusDecisions research brief. To learn more about the tools that can assist with personalizing sales presentations on the fly, give us a call at 1-800-771-6011.


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3rd August 2018