How to Deepen Client Relationships in the World of Investment Banking  


How to Deepen Client Relationships in the World of Investment Banking  

Building high-quality relationships with investment banking clients is no easy task. 

However, you can win these clients over with the right tools and techniques. This will make your job much more manageable and provide your clients with much-needed peace of mind.  

What’s it Like to Be an Investment Banker?  

The role of an investment banker is often invaluable to corporations and, occasionally, to government entities. Your primary job will be to help your clients with the process of raising money. 

You can do this through various means, including: 

  • Floating a bond. 
  • Issuing stock. 
  • Arranging for the sale of a company. 
  • Or negotiating to acquire a rival company. 

Because investment bankers play such a significant role in developing companies on the stock market, you can expect to work long hours. 

In other words, this is a job for go-getters who genuinely love to be at the office. If you have other priorities that take precedence in your life, being an investment banker may not be for you. 

But if you’re willing and able to put the time in, investment banking can pay you more than $100,000 per year. This reward makes investment banking a suitable career for people who love working in finance or for those who wish to retire young.  

What Your Clients will Expect of You

There are three main types of clients you can expect to have:  

  • An established company that’s looking to raise money for a major expansion. 
  • A big company that’s planning to do acquisitions and mergers.  
  • A young company that’s getting ready to make its initial public offering (IPO). 

Each of these clients will expect something slightly different from you, but the bottom line is that you’ll be attempting to raise money for them.  

So, how do you build a relationship with clients? The simple answer would be to meet their expectations and always try to stay ahead of what the client wants. Of course, there’s more nuance to this, and a technique that pleases one client may not work for another.  

Additionally, with an increasing emphasis on meetings that happen virtually, you will have to work extra diligently at building relationships.    

Something that customers will expect from you, no matter who your clients are, is excellent social skills. You must be able to meet with various clients and answer all their questions. 

You’ll also need to demonstrate that you have the necessary stamina to meet the client’s pace, no matter what issues arise. 

If you can prove that you possess these qualities, you’ll be well on your way to building client relationships you can count on. 

Another thing you must demonstrate is the ability to respond to your clients quickly.  

Yes, even as you’re putting together a pitch for one client, you must also watch for essential emails or calls from other clients. Being an investment banker requires good multi-tasking skills.  

The goal is to make each client feel like they’re your most important client. If you can achieve this, you’ll go far in building client relationships virtually and in person.   

Why Enablement Software is Critical to Delivering a Good Client Experience 

Digital selling is becoming increasingly prevalent, making it extremely important to use sales enablement software. In the past, investment bankers spent a lot of time and energy on manual processes.  

They often created personalized pitchbooks and decks for each client, which may have given them the information they needed, but did so very inefficiently.  

Now, they can meet the needs of their clients much more quickly by utilizing software that automates multiple parts of the sales cycle. Automation means less manual work and more time building stronger relationships with clients.  

Here are just a few things sales enablement software (like Accent Technologies) can help you with: 

  • Create repeatable workflows for a particular customer type or everyday tasks in the sales process. 
  • Create custom digital experiences for your clients (these are often called digital sales rooms). 
  • Monitor the progress of deals and how each member of the organization contributes to progressing the sale down the funnel. 

Entirely digital sales processes are becoming more and more prevalent. Having automation tools at your fingertips will provide your clients with a more customer-friendly process.  

How Sharp are Your Digital Selling Skills?

Even if you have a proven history as one of the best investment bankers at your firm, you’ll start struggling if you don’t have strong digital selling skills.  

Fortunately, this is where sales enablement software can help the most. 

As we’ve mentioned, sales enablement software has many customer-facing benefits. But did you know that you can also use enablement software to train yourself or other account executives? 

Enablement software can train investment bankers to use, present, and deliver the content in the most effective way possible.  

As long as you’re willing to learn, you can vastly improve your (and your reps’) digital selling skills by leveraging things like: 

  • Guided selling tips (powered by AI). 
  • Historical data that reveals the most effective sales collateral. 
  • Sales dashboards that show deal health across your entire portfolio. 

AI-Assisted Techniques will Help You Get More Done

One of the most significant byproducts of the shift to digital selling is AI-based sales tools. 

AI (or machine learning) is one of the best ways to eliminate the redundancy of data collection and interpretation.  

For example, the Accent Technologies software suite uses AI across a variety of dimensions, including: 

  • Studying historical data to provide content suggestions with the highest probability of success in converting prospects. 
  • Dynamically scoring and prioritizing in-progress deals so reps know precisely what to focus on next. 
  • Aggregating all customer signals (across the entire organization) to present clear-cut deal health metrics.  

It’s a true win-win that’ll work for you and your clients, increasing their trust in you. 

How to Build Relationships with Clients

Once you’ve automated the grunt work with AI-based tools, you can actually focus on building strong relationships with your clients. 

There are several other ways that you can improve your client relations, including:  

  • Send them a card for the holidays.  
  • Remember to reach out occasionally, even when they’re not actively using your services.  
  • Ask them for feedback throughout the process, and don’t be afraid to use criticism as a way to learn.  
  • Fully embrace your role as the expert and let them know why you think they should follow your advice.  
  • If you make a mistake, be sure to own it. 
  • Make the time to discuss non-business-related topics. This shouldn’t be your main focus, but it needs to happen occasionally. Remember the little details they tell you and follow up on them.  

How Accent Can Help

Accent Technologies is the first and only SaaS company to bring together Sales AI and Content Management in a true Revenue Enablement Platform. We provide both sales and marketing with better visibility into the performance of their teams.  

This drives revenue through intelligent recommendations for complex sales scenarios and provides the data for rich analytics that power better coaching, forecasting, and long-term customer support. Learn more about our solutions or request a live demo to see it in action.  

By Accent Technologies

31st March 2023