What is sales enablement? (Starter Guide)


An overview of modern sales enablement and guidance on how to get started.

Sales enablement is a relatively new idea in the B2B sales industry and you might find yourself wondering: what exactly is sales enablement?
Five years ago, asking a sales manager what their sales enablement strategy was would get you a blank look. Now sales enablement is becoming a B2B sales “must have”—If you don’t have it, your competitors are going to quickly outpace you.
So what’s sales enablement? Let’s start with a basic sales enablement definition for the modern B2B seller:
Sales enablement is the act of implementing strategies, tools and processes that continually increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales ecosystem.
Okay, now let’s break it down further into a sales enablement definition that can actually be used in your day-to-day selling environment:
Sales enablement is all about giving your sales team (and every team that interacts with sales on a regular basis) the easiest, fastest and most impactful ways to plan, prepare and engage with buyers.
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Great! Now how do I get started?

There are a lot of good options and starting points for anyone wanting to move forward with sales enablement. We like to break them up into tools, strategies and services:

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There are a lot of great sales enablement tools out there. Here are some options that will have a substantial impact on your sales process:

CRM data automation

Free up selling time for your reps while simultaneously increasing the accuracy and completeness of your CRM data by using data automation software to track and automatically collect CRM data from your sales reps daily activities.

Content personalization wizards

Give your sales reps a quick and easy way to personalize sales materials for individual buyers by using content personalization wizards. In just a few steps, sales reps can create tailored content that maintains your company’s branding, style and quality.

Sales productivity tracking

Low sales rep productivity leads to lost deals. You can use tracking software to identify the problem areas in your sales process, highlighting the difference in the habits and behaviors of A sellers versus C sellers so that you can fix the issues right when they first appear.

Centralized content library

Make it simple for your sales reps to find the information they need and your content management team to organize and update content by centralizing everything in one easily accessible library with diverse management and search features.

lightbulb clipart Strategies

When planning strategies around how to improve sales, here are some common processes that help:

Sales methodologies

If your company doesn’t follow a sales methodology, you should consider it. Sales methodologies really help to add structure to the sales process, which in turn makes it easy to identify areas where the sales process is broken or inefficient. You can find an overview of the most popular sales methodologies here.

Sales and marketing alignment

Are your sales and marketing teams seamlessly working together to win deals? Probably not, which means they’re likely misaligned. This guide goes over the importance of sales and marketing alignment and practical ways you can get your teams back on track.

Mapping to buyer personas

Buyer personas are fantastic guides for engaging with buyers through content and sales communication. The good thing is that they’re a low cost, quick solution. All you need to do is figure out your main personas, then plan your sales and marketing processes around each persona’s needs and expectations. This blog post on buyer personas is a good starting point, and you can download a free buyer persona template here.

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Sometimes the best thing to do is to seek the help of the experts. Here are two areas where bringing in an outside consultant can really help:

Sales Enablement Assessment

Are you succeeding with sales enablement? Take the assessment.

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