Sales Performance Management with AI

New AI-Driven Sales Performance Management

Get amazing visibility into sales activity levels, how reps and teams are performing and how well opportunities in the pipeline are being engaged. The new Manager’s Dashboard gives you an overall picture of performance and lets you quickly zoom into the details.
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Sales Rep Scorecards

Get clear visibility into sales rep activities, buyer responses and how effective reps are in moving deals forward with meeting generation and milestone achievement.

Manager’s Dashboard

Leaders and managers get a great view of how well teams are performing—activities, pipeline, top opportunities, leaderboard, coaching prompts, risk areas and more. View the big picture or zoom in on details.

Opportunity analytics

See how well reps are follow-up and engaging their pipeline of opportunities. Activity heatmaps and timeline visualizations bring immediate understanding of health and risk areas.

Visualizes for fast understanding

Roll up data into powerful visuals that clearly show rep and team performance, so you can coach and manage talent more effectively.

It all happens automatically.
No extra effort—just incredible visibility.

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