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Lockstep Sales Collateral For A Seamless Performance: ACT II

Our last post set the stage for sales enablement as a seamless, show-stopping production. We left you with this nonnegotiable yet oft-neglected truth: Putting your sales collateral in strategic lockstep is the only way you’re going to achieve sales and marketing alignment. And this choreographed collaboration is critical to surviving in such a demanding B2B market.

Sync like your company depends on it. (Because it does.)

Why is interdepartmental synchronicity so essential?

The modern market favors the buyer and clears clumsy companies from its stage. Information is nail-biting, brain-churning currency, and the B2B buyer demands it from you: both in quantity and quality. Your show has to be on fire.

So how do you produce such a demanding yield of content? To be productive and responsive, you must be in sync. Sales and marketing alignment is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. This means sales collateral must serve and suffice both of your teams.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: Locking your sales collateral (and teams) in step.

Make it a sales and marketing collaboration.

75% of content generated by marketing is “rarely” or “never” used by sales.

Make it easier … for everyone.

A Sales Enablement Platform puts your sales collateral in lockstep and your sales and marketing teams in buyer-centric alignment.

Sales and marketing: Combine, conquer and prosper.

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