More Selling Time for Sales Reps


More Selling Time for Sales Reps


With the right sales platform, your sales reps translate inefficiencies, redundancies and administrative time traps into four additional hours per week for sales-enabling, revenue-driving buyer face time.

Buyer face time = selling time.

Selling time = fuel for that bottom line.

You know your reps could be selling more…

You know your sales team isn’t performing at their highest level, but you’re not quite sure what’s holding them back. Well, we’ve got good news and bad news.

Bad news first.

Your sales reps are probably spending too much time searching for information and creating presentaions pending far too much time and energy slogging through a swamp of content, discriminating between documents and resuscitating tired sales presentations to muster up the right materials, at the right time, for the right opportunities.

Time spent hunting down and hobbling together sales materials means less 1:1 face time with prospects. And when selling time depreciates, valuable revenue is put on hold.

It’s a pretty common situation for today’s sales team.

  • As much as 40% of a rep’s time is spent creating presentations, customizing messaging and preparing for pitches.– CMO Council Study, as quoted in Firebrick Consulting: Why Sales Doesn’t Use Your Presentations
  • Sales reps spend only 37% of their available time selling – with selling defined as face-to-face or on-the-phone (i.e., “1:1”) conversations with prospects.– CSO Insights 2013 Sales Performance Optimization survey
  • Up to 28 hours of a sales rep’s time is spent searching for and recreating documents.– International Data Corporation

But hey, there’s some light at the end of this tunnel.

Now, the good news.

Ramshackle information searching, presentation creation activities and poor sales productivity are 100% rectifiable with the right sales platform and tools on your side.

The right sales platform paves the way to a more efficient, effective sales process with tools for on-the-spot content access, easy personalization, and sharing of sales presentations and kits to buyers.

With the right platform, you’re in charge of your sales effectiveness.

The solution is not just fodder for that bottom line, but also an investment in workplace productivity, satisfaction and retention.

The right platform saves time, eases minds and makes the workday more rewarding for sales reps. 

The right platform has time-saving tools and streamlining features that help reps make smarter plays, seize more opportunities and engage with both systematic ease and differentiating personalization.

Keep your eyes open for the following essentials when looking for your sales platform:

  • One Source: all sales resources at your fingertips
  • Access: easily from anywhere, or any device
  • Personalize: quickly build and personalize materials for greater impact
  • Share: send materials via private buyer portals to improve the buying experience
  • Visibility: make faster qualifying and follow-up decisions
  • Recommendations: get relevant resources and coaching based on the sales situation
  • CRM: work seamlessly from within your CRM

Get Four Hours More, And 10% Better

What can you expect after refining your sales process with the right software? One major client who invested in Accent Librarian used a Green Belt Study to compare productivity levels between users and non-users – i.e., sales reps who were using the content management platform and those who were not.

The results showed tangible improvements in time management, process efficiency and sales effectiveness:

  • Platform users spent 26% less time locating content and creating custom sales materials.
  • Each rep gained four additional hours a week, which is the productivity equivalent of increasing the sales force by 10%.
  • These four hours were translated from administrative work and information search to 1:1 buyer face time and, therefore, revenue-driving sales effectiveness.

Open access to enablement for your sales force.

Accent Technologies provides cloud-based sales enablement solutions with three powerful platforms: Presentation Librarian, Accent Librarian and Accent Accelerator.

Fill out the form below to schedule a demo and discover which solution is your best fit to fuel that bottom line with smarter selling time.

By Accent Technologies

31st October 2014