How to Use Analytics to Improve Sales Effectiveness

How to Use Analytics to Improve Sales Effectiveness

Empower your sales team with the information, insight and technology they need through an intuitive, data-driven sales enablement platform.

Today’s B2B buyer is harder to reach, harder to impress and harder to convert into a loyal customer.
Don’t get outpaced by your competitors. In today’s fast-paced B2B market, you need more than just CRM or marketing automation software. An effective sales platform provides the actionable insights your sales teams need to make informed planning decisions. It’s absolutely essential in order to streamline your sales activities, improve your buyer’s experience and achieve sustainable sales enablement.
Prescriptive analytics help organizations improve sales effectiveness by focusing on two main areas:

Engaging More Effectively


As sales reps plan their daily activities, the ability to assess which opportunities to pursue and which to put on the backburner can have a significant impact on sales revenue. With engagement metrics and opportunity scoring based on buyer activity and CRM data, sales reps can quickly plan and respond to the most promising opportunities.
One of the top five strategic actions that contribute to effective sales enablement is to gain better insight into buyer engagement. –Aberdeen


Turn your C sellers into A sellers. Track the content contributing to closed deals based on specific sales situations. Through automated recommendations, sales reps are guided to the resources that will be most effective for the opportunity or buyer persona.
75% of sales reps believe that their approach differentiates them from their competition, but only 3% of customers say they do this effectively. –Sales 2.0


Using sales activity metrics, managers can give tailored training and tips on opportunities, such as strategies to help a stalled deal gain momentum again. Track individual rep progress to see how selling skills and overall sales performance improve over time.
73% of sales manager effectiveness is determined by three key attributes: selling, coaching, and sales innovation. –CEB

Aligning Sales and Marketing

A sales enablement platform promotes visibility between sales and marketing, aligning your teams toward one common goal.
When your teams start coordinating their activities, you’ll be able to see what content is (and isn’t) being used, how effective it is and where the problems lie so that you can easily fix them. Your marketing team can make strategic decisions based upon actionable insights from your sales enablement platform.
Businesses whose sales and marketing teams are aligned achieve 208% higher marketing revenue when compared to misaligned teams. –Hubspot

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